KT-6610 VET

KT-6610 VET

Classified In:Hematology

Product Brief:

KT-6610 VET is a compact 5-Part veterinary hematology analyzer with user-friendly interface, designed to meet the demand of small veterinary clinics with limited space and budget, meanwhile no compromise of any performance and quality.

Product Specifications:

Animal species: Dog, cat and more under researching
Principle: Tri-angle laser scattering, flow cytometry for white blood cell differentiation and counting
Compact design
Throughput: 60 samples per hour
5-part differentiation of WBC, 29 parameters + 4 scattergrams + 2 histograms
3 counting modes: whole blood, capillary blood and prediluted
Sample volume: 20 ul (WB mode)
Built-in thermal printer and barcode scanner(optional)


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